Guide to become an Independent Real Estate Agent

Admittedly, being an independent property agent is not an easy thing when compared to agents who join property brokerage companies. Independent agents must certainly be able to learn and master the world of property on their own.

For an agent, shrewdness in socializing is also the key to gaining trust from clients. Patience and consistency in running this business are certainly also things you must have. Check out a few tips for becoming the following beginner independent property agent.

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Strengths vs lack of independent agents

Before starting a career as an independent property agent, there are a number of things you need to know. In terms of income, independent agents can get a net commission that is greater than those who join the broker’s office. You can also set your own time and schedule as you wish without being tied to the company.

However, it must be admitted that there are some disadvantages to being an independent agent. Those who join the broker’s office will be protected by a legal entity. This can protect from events if there are buyers who do not give a commission to the agent after the transaction is completed.

In addition, you also don’t get an ‘label’ of an official agent so that it might be a little difficult to get the trust of the client.

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Steps to become an independent agent :

Collecting Listings

To become a property agent, collect property listings that will be marketed first. You can look for it offline, for example by looking for homes that put up ‘sold’ banners.

Meet homeowners and offer cooperation where you will help find potential buyers and manage the buying and selling process. Don’t forget to also discuss the matter of rewards in the form of commissions if the transaction is successful. Then ask that the ‘sale house’ banner include your telephone number as the contact person.

You can also get listings from developers or property developers who are marketing their products, both ready-to-live and pivot units (ordering). Here you will be a freelance marketer who is willing to market the unit and get a jointly agreed commission.

Market the Listing

After getting a listing, collect as much information as possible about the property. Ranging from photos of exterior and interior properties, to photos of access roads to property projects. Then complementary data such as descriptions and specifications of the building you also need to have.

If it has been collected, you can market listings through online property portals such as You can also expand your sales opportunities by marketing through social media or direct promotion by word of mouth.

Client’s Marketing and Follow-Up Phase

For the transaction phase, usually prospective buyers will conduct a location / property survey after contacting you. After negotiating and price agreement, the prospective buyer will give a deposit.

A few days later the down payment and repayment can be done directly or through the intermediary of the bank. Finally, the signing of the Sale and Purchase Act is witnessed by the notary.

Commission mechanism from an independent agent

Unlike working in an agent’s office, you can get a commission based on an agreement agreed with the property owner. For example, if the owner wants to set a net price without transaction fees, then you can give the price tag you want.