Jvc Has160V Flat Headphones (Violet) Features

The jvc has160v flat headphones (violet) is a nice model on-ear headphone for less than $30 price. It’s is a perfect headphones choice for people who want high quality jvc match ipod 2011 colors, vl.

JVC HAS160V Flat Headphones (Violet)

As a perfect headphones, light weight flat headphones with violet finish..the jvc ha-s160 achieves superior sound isolation with closed-type ear pads, fully cushioned for extra comfort. designed for street use, the lightweight headphones are portable and fashionable, and are available in a range of colors to perfectly partner the third-generation ipod nano and shuffle. the ha-s160 delivers high-quality dynamic sound by employing a large 30 mm neodymium driver unit that offers greater power handling and sensitivity.

This jvc has160v flat headphones (violet) fit for peoples who are searching for on-ear headphone with high quality jvc match ipod 2011 colors, vl. connectivity technology: wired. energy star certified. sleek and portable design.

It will most comfortable and better to get this headphone after get an opportunity to read how real purchaser felt about ordering this on-ear headphones. During the time of publishing this jvc has160v flat headphones (violet) review, there have been more than 1105 reviews on this web. Most of the reviews were highly favorable and we give rating 4.3 from 5 for this jvc has160v flat headphones (violet). Reviews by individuals who have take on board this jvc has160v flat headphones violet are useful output to make decisions.

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