Next Year Apple Stop Making iPhone with LCD Screen

Apple introduced the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR with the formation of 2 types of screens namely OLED for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and LCD for iPhone XR.

But reportedly in 2020, Apple will stop making a new generation iPhone with an LCD screen.

iphone with lcd screen

This report was explained by WSJ (via BGR) who received a leak from Japan Display, supplier of LCD screens for iPhone products.

Japan Display company reportedly is playing the brain to start investing in OLED technology so that it can continue to cooperate with Apple in 2020.

This is aggravated by the sale of the iPhone XR which is reportedly far from Apple’s estimates, thus making a detrimental effect on their suppliers.

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Next year, however, Apple will reportedly equip all new iPhones with OLED displays.

What about 2019? Reportedly Apple will continue to use the same formation, namely the latest 3 iPhone pieces, namely two with an OLED screen and an iPhone with LCD – the successor to the iPhone XR.

From previous rumors, the successor to the iPhone XR will reportedly use a dual camera like the current iPhone XS device.
While the highest series aka the successor to the iPhone XS Max, will get three cameras on the back side. This rumor is still very thin considering the release of the iPhone in 2019 which is still more than 6 months away.

With a battery capacity of nearly 3200 mAh, the iPhone XS Max is the iPhone that has the largest battery capacity at the moment. Charging the iPhone XS Max battery from empty to full requires a very long time when checking it using a charger from the purchase box.

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