Tips on Using SSDs to Stay Well Performed

Tips on Using SSD

Are you now using ultrabook which is usually equipped with SSD type storage? Or do you use a regular laptop but also use or have upgraded your hard disk to SSD? Although both serve as a media storage, it turns out that the SSD needs to treat different than ordinary hard disk.

Tips on Using SSD

There are some things that normally and usually we do on the hard disk. But actually it makes the life of the SSD slumped away. At a glance, the following tips weakening the SSD position as the latest media store. But not really. You can still make your SSD durable, not quickly broken and still give you full speed.

Faster Than Traditional Hard Disk

So true. The main advantages of SSDs over conventional hard disks are higher read and write access speed. In addition to slimmer sizes, lighter weight, more battery savings, and more impact resistance because there are no mechanical components moving in them. In a view, the weakness of SSD compared to conventional hard disk is the price that can be two or three times more expensive. but the price trend continues to decline.

Well, if you are now using SSD on a laptop or PC (rarely hell), you should note some tips to make your SSD stay durable and good.

Never Do Defragmentation

On conventional hard disks that use discs as written and read media, file fragmentation, or spread of the position of a file in it, greatly affects the read-write process. So in any given period of time, the hard disk defrag procedure is very necessary, so files that read more frequently are placed in the front of the disc, and and tidying up the files fragmented into more sequence. So it will restore the read and write speed. The effect of this defragmentation process is really good in the ordinary hard disk.

While on SSDs, which do not use discs, the defrag process that has to rearrange the files, will only make the read-write process more frequent which ultimately lowers the performance of our expensive SSDs. The same thing, defrag also should not be done on flash disk. Current OS, such as Windows 7 or later version, has automatically disabled this defragmentation feature if it detects you are using SSD as storage.